luckwithacapitolf asked:

Okay me and my family are having an argument. My sister insists Australians say cunt as a term of endearment. Is this true? If it

itsonlyyforever answered:

lmao yes that word is used a lot here haha I don’t really use it though but my roommates do



If you call someone a mad cunt it’s like saying they’re your best fucking mate…. But call someone a shit cunt and you just killed their family.

I’m dying so hard this is the explanation of a life time !!! :) 🙌 Australia 101 I love my country I can’t deal

She had her hair down
with buttons undone
and her hourglass figure
I swear I saw a world
reflecting in her eyes
and I fought to control
the need I had for her lips
and the want for more pieces
that make up her whole
And I saw her heart
with its storm inside
folding back on itself
And I needed to touch her
slide my fingers down her back
and I swear I went to sleep
thinking about the sounds
she would make
with my lips pressed
between her thighs
c.p  (via itsonlyyforever)